​​​Copper Ridge Salon and Spa


Women's Haircut


This includes the haircut, shampoo, and style


$ 60 - 80*

$ 80 - 100*

$ 45 - 65*

$ 55 - 75*

$ 100 - 120*

$ 80 - 120*

$ 45 - 65*

$ 50 - 70*

$ 80 - 100*

$ 100 - 120*

Single Process Color
Perms / Spirals
Color Gloss / Moisturizing Treatment
Balayage - Partial
Balayage - Half-Head
Balayage - Full-Head

This includes the haircut, shampoo, and style

Men's Haircut

$ 20/25/30*


$ 25*

$ 40*

$ 45*

$ 55*

$ 10*

$ 60*

Extra Long
Curl Add-on
Extension Blow-Dry

The length of your hair determines the price

Bang Trim

$ 5 - 10*

Event Style

$ 45 - 55*

Shampoo and blow-dry are not included

Salon Hair Treatments

Starts at $200*

Starts at $50*

Priced Upon Consultation 

​Haircut and Blow-dry are not included

Goldwell Smoothing Keratin
This keratin treatment puts an end to curly, wavy, frizzy, overly voluminous, or unmanageable hair. It's unique biopolmer ingrdient is virtually a "liquid form of hair" that uses smaller keratin molecules to penetrate the hair cortex internally; improving and repairing the quality of the hair shaft and preventing futher damage. The added strength, elasticity and moisture results in smooth, soft, shiny and straightened hair.

Liquid Copper Restorative
Complex with AG products
 A reconstructive elixir product  is enriched with a luxurious blend of natural oils such as argan, almond and jojoba. The conditioning components of this "liquid gold" are combined with a lightweight technology that uses micromolecules to penetrate the hair and lock in moisture and bond keratin to reconstrcut and form a protective laer around every strand of hair. This leavs the hair lightweight with a long lasting smoothness and overall nourishing look and feel. Upon completion of your treatment, you will receive a blend of this comlex to take with you to continue to enjoy the benfits at home.   

Hair Extensions
Our hair exension specialists are certified in the latest
and safest hair extension application techniques by using the brands Great Lengths and Cinderella. We only use 100% European Remy human hair for your custom color matching. Whether you're looking to add volume or lenght, possibly both, our specialists will recommend and guide you to what is the best application method for customized, flawless extensions.  

** Services and Prices are subject to change **

** Price varies due to length and thickness of the hair. Services with director will be slightly higher **