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In additon to being a Hair Stylist here at Copper Ridge, Julie is also a Limited Licensed Professional Counselor.
Julie has always had a passion in helping others feel their best, whether that be doing their hair or talking with them. She has a BA in Elementary Education, an MA in Counseling Ed/Counseling Psych with an L.L.P.C.. Currently she is in the process of obtaining a DMFT (Doctor of Marriage and Family Therapy). Julie has experience working in many different settings and can connect with a variety of personalities, with this she is able to see the world in different perspectives.
At Copper Ridge we are now offering a new service. Therapy sessions will now be available after salon hours. These sessions will be offered to people who want to de-stress and face the challenges of aging parents. Julie's message for her clients is that she "would love to have you particpate in a 6 week clinic. This clinic will give you the tools to help you learn to cope with challenges in life that cause you stress".

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The first session that will be offered is for parents who are affected by the stress of every-day tasks and also children. "At Each session we will share stressses that occur in daily life, and I will give you some interventions to release your stress. We can discuss parenting tips, anxiety and tensions that arise from daily life". This clinic will start Monday, July 18th at 6:00pm. The session will run 45 minutes and have a $30.00 per person charge.
The second session is offered to those that are facing stress related to the challenges of aging parents or the stress of feeling alone in life. Julie would love to assist you in this difficult life transition. This will also be a 6 week clinic that will provide the tools that you can use to assist you with stress, challenges, and complications that coincide with this season of your life. "Each session we will discuss your specific needs, and I will provide interventions related to your situation". The clinic begins Monday July 18th at 7:15pm. This session will run 45 minutes and have a $30.00 per person charge. 

De-Stress Session / Parenting Stress

Aging Parent Stress Session

$30.00 per person
6 week Clinic
6:00pm at Copper Ridge Salon and Spa
$30.00 per person
6 Week Clinic
​7:15pm at Copper Ridge Salon and Spa